OmniCare Siliconised Uterine Ballon Tamponade Catheters

    2-Way Catheters

    Product Catalog Number: TCB20005

    Length (mm): 320 +/- 10

    Shaft Gauge (fr): 20 Ch/Fr

    Ballon Capacity (ml/cc): 500

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    • Consists of a water-filled ballon inserted into the uterine cavity to apply pressure to the walls of mother’s uterus to stop excessive bleeding after delivery thus providing a simple, rapid, affordable and effective way of managing PPH (postpartum haemorrhage).
    • UBT catherters have been widely used for bleeding following caesarean sections, in cases of placenta praevia and accrete, post-absorbtion care and induction of labor.
    • Soft check valve or plastic pinch clamp simplify and expedite the inflation process.
    • 2-Ways UBT catheter equipped with lumen that allows healthcare providers to monitor intrauterine blood drainage and access the effectiveness of the temponade.