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December 15, 2022
LimeFx Review 2023 Is LimeFx Scam or Legit Broker️
March 17, 2023

If you think this website should be very popular, please invest additional time in researching the company as this is suspicious. For a smaller or starting website a low ranking can be considered normal. The broker has its own WebTrader App that is possible to access through any operating system (Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS). Besides, the broker has a Trading Academy that includes various webinars, eBooks, videos, etc. Find out more about how to protect yourself from scams. If you’re contacted unexpectedly by a financial business or individual, make sure you reply using the contact details on the FS Register.

  • This can be considered low in relation to other websites from the website’s country.
  • With so many online forex brokers, it can be challenging to find the best one.
  • Its motive is to provide a fast trading platform that would make it easier to execute the transactions in real time.
  • Additionally, you can start live chat in case of any questions regarding the account opening process.
  • LimeFx does not allow you to make any reversals or chargebacks after making a deposit.

Since LimeFx is fresh on the market, only since 2022 this is a very quick achievement. Talk to our skilled and trustworthy professionals if you’ve lost money trading with LimeFx. Simply attempting such action intentionally or unintentionally is forbidden and attracts a fee of EUR 60. This highly irregular and standard scamming practice prevents you from reversing your cash.

You can discuss forex and cryptocurrency related news, ideas, strategies and analysis here. You can also expose broker scams you have encountered to warn others not to fall into their trap. FxGecko will be updated daily with broker information and user complaints against brokers, so following it regularly can help you effectively raise awareness of your investment risks. I’ve never thought mobile tradign may be so convenient and usable. I was convinced that there were no brokers which would deliver well-optimized solution for those traders who couldn’t stare at the monitor all day long. And sincerely speaking everything I tried in the past was a complete bs.

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Trader Protection specialises in assisting victims of online trading scams in getting their money back and getting their lives back on track. LimeFx is a scam hidden behind an offshore license, a sleek website, huge bonuses, and alluring leverages. Despite its promises, LimeFx remains vague about its services, and you’re likely to come out of it with empty pockets and a broken heart. Hi Joel,We’re thrilled to hear that our mobile trading app has exceeded your expectations! 📱🚀 We understand the importance of flexibility in trading, and our well-developed mobile app is designed to support traders on the go. Keep making those successful moves from anywhere you are!

Each website owner needs to register his/her domain at a registrar. Each registar, also called domain registration company, has a reputation of its own. Some offer their services cheap, without any Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Others are more expensive and do a lot of due dilligence work.

  • Generally, offshore scammers get this certificate using the wrong information.
  • For Forex traders who use scalping as a trading strategy, low spreads are crucial.
  • Many traders worldwide find WebTrader to be appealing due to its user-friendly layout.
  • 🌟 We value your input, and we’re always working to improve.
  • In an attempt to look authorized, they arranged an FINCEN certificate for an MSB registration.
  • Your input helps us strive for excellence, and we’re here to support your trading journey.

Please provide us with more details through the Find Reviewer process on Trustpilot so we can investigate and assist you accordingly.LimeFx ⚡️Empowering traders. LimeFx fits me and my trading style very well.I mean I need higher leverage and don’t need trading commissions. The broker provides me with these features and many more for my strategy to be as lucrative as possible.

Trading Platform

MT4 is a widely recognized and widely used platform in the industry. It has gained popularity among traders due to its robust features, user-friendly interface, and extensive range of technical analysis tools. Traders can access a variety of indicators, expert advisors, and customizable charts, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced traders. LimeFx, based in Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Seychelles, is a trustworthy brokerage platform with many alluring trading conditions.

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If they determine that your account has no trading activity, they may levy a 3% administration fee against you by the Client Services Agreement. The broker does https://limefx.name/ not mention deposit and withdrawal fees on the website or in the Client Services Agreement. They may charge a 3% administration fee for no trading activity.

LimeFx — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

I accept the website agreement on the processing of personal data. Before initiating a withdrawal, it is important to note that LimeFx requires mandatory verification. limefx review Ideally, it is recommended to complete the verification process before making any deposits. The official website of LimeFx can be described as simple and unremarkable.

Podcasting is a powerful and more contemporary platform for regulated brokers and agents looking to network and broaden their audience. LimeFx is also putting forth a lot of effort in this regard. Each episode of the LimeFx series, hosted by eminent professionals, provides traders with useful strategies, insights, and new developments. Hi Theo,We appreciate your feedback on our TradeCopier feature! 📈🤝 It’s great to hear that you find the interface user-friendly.

LimeFx Review 2022: A Must Read Before You Trade

Before investing, stay alert, read reviews on different channels, after it is your hard-earned money. Scams Report is a genuine recovery organization that deploys all modern methods to help the victims of scams. LimeFx has gotten many negative reviews and traders who traded with this broker have raised many complaints against it. ReportScamBroker has investigated a lot about this broker and based on the negative reviews, complaints and other scam features, we have listed this broker in the list of scam brokers warnings. Traders pursuing Forex long-term benefit choosing only brokers institutionalizing education, technology and support dutifully under vigorous legal watchdogs. Offshore options raising uncertainty flags serve no compelling purpose threatening durable success.

🌟🔓 Whether it’s the Standard account or an advanced one, we’re here to cater to your needs. My story of howo I startet trading here was at lightning speed. LimeFx offers an extensive bonus program for its clients. Traders have the opportunity to benefit from various types of bonuses, including a 20% deposit bonus, a 40% take off bonus, and a 100% supercharger bonus. The dream of profiting from Forex draws many to consider brokers like LimeFx. However, this registration in an offshore center lacking oversight escalates risks substantially compared to overseen options.

Overall, LimeFx’s comprehensive platform has everything investors may require to implement their trading plan completely. LimeFx offers a range of trading services and features, including various account types, and access to multiple financial markets. LimeFx.com is an offshore broker which is not regulated by any reputed regulation authority in its region.